The European based airline manufacturer managed to achieve more than 50 deliveries to clients of it’s unique wide body jetliner the A350

This is a great achievement considering the delays in delivering the newest European long haul jet, due to problems with cabin equipment. The company predicted they would achieve over 670 deliveries in 2016 with this estimated figure including 50 x Airbus A350 airliners.

The new A350 XWB (extra wide body) is a great addition to the Airbus family and is perfect for medium to long haul flights. With it’s extra wide body the airliner has been built for passenger comfort whilst also addressing increasing environmental concerns and unstable fuel prices globally. The A350 XWB can boast a 25% reduction in fuel consumption compared to other aluminium long range airliners. With the Airbus A350 XWB the wide 221 inch cross section provides passengers with the perfect in-flight travel experience. With the A350 XWB the fuselage has also been specially manufactured and built with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) to provide greater corrosion resistance and improve fuel economy.

Airbus fly-by-wire Full-Flight Simulator training courses

If you’re an airline pilot already flying Boeing planes but considering a move across to Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft we can provide Full-Flight Simulator training courses. We can also assist pilots who have a screening with an airline company to ensure they are ready and fully prepared. All Bech Aviation flight instructors have extensive experience in the commercial aviation industry and can provide bespoke tailored packages if required for more information please contact us. Our training centres are located across Europe in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Spain.

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