During December 2016 the flight testing of the Airbus A350-1000 jetliner started incorporating the AIRLINE1 simulation to focus on the maturity and operability of the aircraft. AIRLINE1 incorporates a dedicated specialist ground team who operate a hanger and maintenance control centre in co-operation with the Airbus flight test team. This dedicated setup is able to provide support, repairs and daily maintenance similar to what the commercial passenger airliners receive whilst being in active service. Throughout the A350-1000 test flights the AIRLINE1 team will be performing enhanced visual inspections of the cabin and airframe.

AIRLINE1 How does the system benefit Airbus?

By implementing the AIRLINE1 testing setup Airbus can greatly improve on how potential failures are managed whilst providing the company with a greater understanding of the aircraft’s overall performance. This rigorous testing also assists in improving maintenance efficiency before delivering the aircraft to operating airline customers throughout the world.

Airbus AirTHM

The overall health of the new A350-1000 aircraft test fleet will also be closely checked with the Airbus AirTHM real time monitoring software system. The newest edition of the Airbus family the new A350 XWB wide body aircraft has the longest fuselage that offers greater passenger capacity. Whilst providing passengers with a premium cabin area that will appeal to first class and business class travellers. With the maiden flight performed from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, France late in 2016 the European based airline manufacturer have three aircraft participating in the test certification stage.

Airbus fly-by-wire Full-Flight Simulator training courses

If you’re an airline pilot already flying Boeing planes but considering a move across to Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft we can provide Full-Flight Simulator training courses. We can also assist pilots who have a screening with an airline company to ensure they are ready and fully prepared. All Bech Aviation flight instructors have extensive experience in the commercial aviation industry and can provide bespoke tailored packages if required for more information please contact us. Our training centres are located across Europe in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Spain.

The flight simulators used by Bech Aviation for training sessions incorporate motion and meet airline standards. They are also approved for landings after type rating. Call +44 (0)1925 241250 for more information on our training sessions.