The simulators

We use full flight simulators with motion situated at various training centres across Europe. All simulators are up to airline standard where they perform training, PC, OPC and even approved for landings after type rating. The full flight simulators we use are the best learning environment in the industry. If you would like more information on the simulator to be used in your training session please request the specification details prior to placing your booking.

Full-Flight Simulator

Easily surpassing Level D regulatory requirements the 7000XR Series full-flight simulator (FFS) meets many specific training requirements of large global airline operators. The simulators have become renowned around the world for their high fidelity and reliability, and are recognised market leaders in this sector with their continual innovation and technology development. The latest 7000XR Series full-flight simulators provide enormous training benefits for both the pupil and flight instructors. These include:

  • Common design architecture interface will ensure you are familiar with the simulator and it’s surroundings quickly.
  • Providing full flexibility to customise a FFS to train the way you fly.
  • New embedded training capabilities to maximise safety in flight operations.
  • Providing simulator instructors and pupils with a more ergonomic working environment.
  • Incorporating the latest technology advancements increases the simulator operational efficiency.

Our courses are mainly designed to assist pilots who are going to screening in an airline our pilots who are looking to build up their confidence due to not flying for a while or switching from Boeing to Airbus. We also provide bespoke Full-Flight Simulator training courses tailored to your individual requirements, this could include practicing a particular manoeuvre, taking off or landing the passenger aircraft. For more information on our courses please click on the link below.