Airbus Simulator Training

Bech Aviation offer a wide selection of simulator Modules / Training Courses using the Airbus Simulator.

A sample of our most common courses include:

  • An introduction to the “Fly by Wire” and “Side stick” philosophy, learning the handling qualities of the Airbus, which is quite different from other conventional aircraft. This includes Ground handling – taxi and a normal T/OFF followed by air work in the local area. Then back to origin followed by a normal ILS app with F/D and A/THR. Raw data and Visual app will also be practised during this session including G/A and Full stop landings.
  • Specific handling of the Abnormal / Emergency checklist via the advanced ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor) system installed in the Airbus.
  • We can work with the student to practice specific manoeuvres requested by them to improve their flight skills.
  • Pilots attending a screening test, and not familiar with 2 pilot operation, will also be introduced to basic CRM. This also includes task sharing in a normal cockpit operation.

Important information

Depending on the Modules chosen, we can offer 2 hour or 4 hour sessions in the Full Flight or Fixed based simulator. All Modules include 1 hour briefing before and after the session. Please note the training modules provide by Bech Aviation do NOT form a part of official approved training requirements set by the Aviation authorities and cannot replace mandatory training procedures outlined by these authorities!